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Wednesday, July 15, 2015 by Zura Ahmad
Ketika kunjungan ke rumah bestfriend di Utrecht, Netherlands Jun lepas. Bukan sahaja perkahwinan mereka unik dengan pertembungan budaya Moroccan dan Sicilian, rekaan layout rumah mereka juga unik. Website accomodation seperti Airbnb antara yang terkenal dengan tempat tinggal rare seperti ini. Yang bertudung tu bukan saya, tapi my travel partner-in-crime.

Kalaulah dapat travel free... kalaulah kerjaya memang untuk pegi travel je... bukan meeting client, bukan attend seminar, tapi ditugaskan untuk enjoying the place, the culture, the food... Ada ke jawatan macam ni?

Memanglah wujud! In fact, sekarang ni you all pun ada possibility untuk jadikan ia kenyataan bersama PandaBed! Tak percaya? Jom baca ni... Good luck!

Internships Just Got Cooler With PandaBed’s #BestInternship2015

Looking for 3 lucky interns who will be paid to travel, stay in trusted accommodations, meet like-minded hosts and explore different facets of Asia, using PandaBed’s brand new PeerMatch technology

15 July 2015, Singapore - Asia’s fastest-growing online home-sharing platform has launched #BestInternship2015, a unique opportunity for keen travellers to tour around Asia… while being paid to inspect and review PandaBed properties, as well as document the sights and experience they have.

Love to explore, meet new people, and share your experiences? PandaBed is looking for people like you to go on a two-week internship around Asia! 

Get to visit Asian countries of your choice, stay with like-minded local hosts who will open up their homes, villas or apartments to you for an immersive local experience and explore a specific area of interest in every country you visit. 

Whether you are most interested to find the coolest shopping place in Hong Kong, dive into the best surfing spots in Bali or experience the vibrant nightlife in Bangkok, experience it all and capture your journey to share with your friends on social media!

How to apply?

#BestInternship2015 is open to all. To apply, all you need to do is to upload a 90-second video telling us why you are the best intern for the job. You should have at least 1,000 social followers in total across your social platforms. 

Applications will be accepted from now until 6 August 2015. For more information on #BestInternship and to submit your application, go to:

PandaBed launches PeerMatch

In conjunction with launching #BestInternship2015, PandaBed has launched PeerMatch to empower Asian holiday goers to find trustworthy accommodations and like-minded homeowners that match their lifestyle needs.

More than providing travellers with a place to stay, PandaBed’s newly added PeerMatch technology uses an algorithm to do advanced profile matching between local hosts and guests, connecting Asian homeowners to travellers who share similar cultural and social interests. 

PeerMatch works by asking local hosts and travellers to fill in a one-minute questionaire to indicate and weigh the preferences they look for in a host or guest, such as gender, age, interests, profession, language spoken or dietary requirements. 

The PeerMatch algorithm then computes a matching score between the host and guest, with a higher score indicating a better match and a more pleasant hosting or staying experience. By taking into consideration the other party’s interests and preferences, PeerMatch also helps both host and guest to get a better understanding of each other before they meet.

“Asia is one of the most diverse regions in the world,” said Lester Kang, Co-Founder of PandaBed. “After talking to many customers, we have observed that Asians prefer to connect with people who share similar culture, mindsets and values. Therefore with PeerMatch, we hope to be able to enhance the homestay experience for both our hosts and guests, and provide more meaningful interactions and connections.” 

With over 10,000 listed accommodations across Asia in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, PandaBed aims to fuel the rapid growth of peer-to-peer home sharing by aligning it with Asian culture, values and insights.  

Watch the video explaining PeerMatch:  

For more information on #BestInternship2015 and PeerMatch, visit:  

About PandaBed 

PandaBed is an online community for like-minded homeowners and travelers to list, discover and book over 10,000 trustworthy Asian homes, apartments, villa, bed & breakfast and homestay. Our new PeerMatch feature enables both host and guest to be connected in areas such as culture, language and interests. Founded in 2012, PandaBed aims to be the most trustworthy home-sharing platform connecting like-minded guests and travelers, providing an authentic and meaningful hosting and traveling experience for the community.  
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