Let's Ride The Movies at Universal Studios Singapore!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 by Zura Ahmad
Another new attraction in Sentosa, Singapore by Resorts World antara sebab why you should visit Singapore again! Last week (Wed Jan 27), I had the oppurtunity to be among the first to experience the seven zones Universal Studios. Paling best mestilah bila dapat pergi zone Hollywood (makan burger kat Mel's Drive-In), New York (LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!), Far Far Away (bestnya dapat amek gambar kat depan castle and met Fiona, Shrek and sing along with Donkey!) dan Madagascar (jumpa the four "I like to move it move it" zooster heroes Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. King Julien pun ada!). Lagi yang menarik Sci-Fi City (Battlestar Galactica dueling coasters, the tallest of its kind in the world), Ancient Egypt (ekspedisi Revenge of the Mummy yang menggegar jantung! dan kat sini juga ada food court Halal named Oasis Spice Cafe) dan The Lost World (divided into two themed areas; Jurassic Park and Waterworld).

The much-awaited Universal Studios Singapore will be opening to public from 18 March 2010 onwards.
I ve uploaded a few pics for u to cuci mata!

Oh ya, the entrance fees for weekends and black-out dates are SGD72 (RM175) for adult and SGD52(RM126) for child (ages 4-12). Skip the queue, elak tiket habis, jadi belilah secara online di sini

Amacam? Puas tak cuci mata? Malas nak naik flight? Cab mahal? Drive in jer!

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Sharm said...

tak aci... gambar i takder :(

Zura Ahmad said...

No worries, pic u ada dlm Singapore Shopping Spree entry. I tak post lagi, tgh editing ;p

Niniey Nurhafnie said...

nice entry...

Zura Ahmad said...

Thanks Niniey, keep on reading ya! :)


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